Manja Bright Skin Essence Brightening & Lightening (30ml)


Joyanne Manjakani Whitening Essence (30ml) is a specialized product formulated to promote skin whitening, and it draws its strength from natural ingredients, primarily Manjakani and Arbutin. This unique blend is designed to help reduce skin discoloration, achieving a brighter complexion.

Key Ingredients:

Manjakani: Known for its astringent properties, Manjakani is included to aid in skin toning and overall skin health.

Arbutin: Arbutin is a natural compound often used in skincare products for its potential to address dark spots and promote a more even skin tone.

Application Directions:

To effectively utilize Joyanne Manjakani Whitening Essence, follow these straightforward steps:

Dispense an appropriate amount of the essence gel into your hands.

Gently apply the essence to the desired areas on your skin. This versatile product can be applied to various body parts, including the bikini line, armpits, nipples, arms, and knees.

By following this simple regimen, you can aim to reduce skin darkness and enhance your overall skin tone. The carefully selected natural ingredients in this essence provide an option for those looking to address skin discoloration and achieve a brighter complexion.