RejuNeem Herbal Hair Treatment Serum 60ml + 60ml


Our hair treatment serum is known with the premium blend of ingredients from local and Europe. Primarily is to help for the health and beauty of hair, Reju Neem Hair Treatment Serum is made without chemical ingredients .’The herbs is Neem leaf extract, Virgin Coconut oil and others ingredients that is everybody[y can use without any issues.

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Our hair treatment serum is formulated using more than 10 types of local and imported European herbs such as Neem leaf extracts, virgin coconut oil, Stinging Nettle, Candlenuts and etc. Contained no chemical ingredients and do not use heat to produce. Promote hair re-growth and improve grey hair problem.

Extremely effective for:

  • Hair fall and thinning
  • Hair Regrowth
  • Hair root atrophy and grey hair
  • Dandruff
  • Fatigue and hair split ends
  • Blockage of pores
  • Promote healthy hair

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